Boccondivino is both simple and sophisticated, studied with passion to enhance the combination with the wines proposed by the sommelier: after a prosecco aperitif and croutons to the game paté, the tasting begins with a cool pinzimonio to go to the salami , more than twelve different types of flavor and origin, served in three different moments: first sweet ones, then smoked ones and finally: Norcia ham cut into the knife in front of you. Two first courses are served, different every night: thin tortelloni, risottos, dumplings or homemade fresh pasta. Finally, the Boccondivino boast: the cheeses. First, the carriage of fresh cheeses: burrs, ricotta and buffalo mozzarella selected every day. Then the matured cheese carriage: with more than forty names that change according to the time of year, you will have the embarrassment of choice.

What makes Boccondivino a leader for more than 30 years is the professionalism, skill and passion of your sommeliers, who will accompany your evening by combining and decanting more than six types of wine tasting during dinner.

Boccondivino we wait for dinner or for lunch
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